Respite Care

Remington House provides respite care to youth in need between the ages of 10-18 due to behavior issues or other concerns in the home. Services include: room and board, daily programming (including school, if child is there Monday-Friday), recreation, structured activities, and participation in therapeutic groups.  The youth and family are also offered case management services to assist with safety planning and a smooth return home.

Respite care is usually offered on an as-needed basis once per month.  The youth are encouraged to come for an extended weekend stay, and are expected to bring overnight items from home.  The youth will be provided with meals while at The Remington House.  The Remington House requests that all youth be transported to and from respite care. 

Respite care is important because it provides children and youth with behavioral problems and/or special needs and their families with a break from their daily routine. It is an opportunity for children and youth to have new experiences, build new skills, develop independence and make new friends. For families, respite is an opportunity to rest or tend to other family or personal matters.

If you have any questions regarding respite care and whether or not your child may be eligible, please feel free to contact Erin Spies, Assistant Director, or Barb Montoya, Clinical Director, at (970) 484-7447.