Community Based Visitation

The Community Based Visitation Program, also referred to as “Parenting Time” provides visitation staff to coordinate and monitor visits between children placed in out of home care and their parents or family. The service focus includes coaching on the development of parenting skills and consistent/frequent visitation in an effort to reduce length of foster care placement and reunify families. Visits occur in the community or in the home and staff provide transportation for the children. Supervising staff provide MDT updates and case management as it relates to visits.


Community Based Visitation Types:

1) Coaching/ Supervised Parenting Time


Sometimes when parents are in crises, it is difficult to put aside those needs in order to first meet their children’s needs. Coaching is offered by experienced Parenting Time Coaches to help parents understand and meet their children’s needs during this crises time. Coaching sessions include:

·         Preparing/ Planning

·         Goal Setting

·         Feedback

·         Life skills experiences with you, your child, and the coach in the community

·         Supervision within line of sight and earshot

·         Parenting techniques including 1-2-3 Magic and CARE skill building

·         Utilizing resources


2) Monitored Supervised Parenting Time


During this time, the Parenting Coach will check in with parents and then will leave the room to give the family time alone. They will check in every 15 minutes. They will also be readily available for questions or in a crises situation.


3) Transitional Support


Transitional Support is offered to parents and children who have recently been granted unsupervised visits. Parent Coaching in the home and drop-in visits are provided as-needed. Services are offered for 30 days after unsupervised visits begin.