Acute Treatment Unit at The Remington House

The Acute Treatment Unit (ATU) is part of the Remington House on-site facility for children ages 10-18, who are in an emotional crisis or have a serious psychiatric issue. ATU placement at Remington House serves as an alternative to mental health hospitalization for those youth in emotional crisis. The ATU provides a safe and secure environment for individuals who do not require hospitalization or an extended length of stay by providing 24 hour staff supervision and support. 

The ATU youth are placed into group therapy, family therapy, and daily individual therapy sessions.  If a change of medication is needed, then patients are evaluated by a psychiatrist and assessed on a day-to-day basis while they stabilize. ATU placement ranges from 24 hours to 2 weeks and serves the purpose to reintroduce youth to a community based placement with support as soon as possible. When clients are released from the ATU, their treatment continues with continuity of care that includes discharge planning, safety planning, and assessment of the appropriate type of care in the community. Clients and families are encouraged to work together in order to continue the recommended care at home.

ATU services are offered around the clock.  We have on-call therapists available 24 hours per day to help assistant families and clients in crisis.


If you have any questions regarding the Acute Treatment Unit, then please contact Barb Montoya, Clinical Director, at (970) 484-7447.