Jacob Center: Besides foster care services the Jacob Center also maintains the Remington House RTC. The Remington House is a twenty bed residential treatment facility located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Eleven beds are reserved for adolescents ages 10-18 that are in need of residential services. Nine beds are reserved for Division of Youth Corrections adolescents age 10-18 that are on detention status. The Remington House is a twenty-four hour staff secure setting.


The Remington House services a range of behavioral and emotional issues including all types of abuse, family relational issues, trauma issues, adjustment issues, thought disorders, delinquency issues, suicidal behaviors, grief and loss issues, attachment issues, and substance abuse.  A psychiatrist meets with the youth on an as-needed basis to monitor medication needs. The youth work through a level system that encourages self-awareness and self-discovery. The youth are assigned a primary therapist that meets with them a minimum of once a week as well as provides family therapy and crisis intervention. The youth attend therapeutic groups on a daily basis that include substance use, psychotherapeutic issues, anger management, teambuilding, coping skills, and conflict resolution. The average length of placement is six months.


The Remington House employs a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as certified substance abuse counselor. A case manger endures that all medical needs are met in a timely manner. The staff is required to complete training regarding medication management and administration, supervision, crisis intervention, milieu management, and conflict resolution.


Referrals for the Remington House are made through our corporate office in Fort Collins 970-484-8427.